EP9 - Cop Rock

May 1, 2018

You have the right to remain... musical! This week we watch the fascinating failure Cop Rock, in our most requested episode yet! Our good friend and musical enthusiast Chevy joins for a lively discussion of a show that is both dated and surprisingly timely. Prepare yourself for singing, dancing, cuffs, guns, sex, violence, cops, and of course, rocks.

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Cut the Shit: Morgan - Janelle Monae's Dirty Computer . Chevy - RuPaul's Drag Race . Mike - It's Always Fair Weather


EP8 - Perversions of Science

April 24, 2018

This week we have two words for you: SEX. ROBOTS. Actor extraordinaire Galen Howard joins us to consume a double helping of Perversions of Science, HBO’s steamy sci-fi spinoff of Tales from the Crypt. This one’s got mature content y’all, so put the kids to bed, light some candles, and prepare yourself for slapstick canoodling, bodily explosions, robo-nips, space STDs, and sex robots, sex robots, SEX ROBOTS! Plus, sexiest man in the ‘verse Kevin Pollak, baby-faced bey Wil Wheaton, and two Shatners!

Cut The Shit! - Morgan: Wonderful (Podcast)  Galen: Vessel of Love by Hollie Cook  Mike: Tales from the Hood



EP7 - Baywatch Nights

April 17, 2018

This week we watch the bay... and the skies!! It's the Baywatch spinoff turned X-Files knockoff, Baywatch Nights! And that means anything goes. Or does it? We're still not sure. Jason Diego Mederos (of Hi Eduardo and Oh Shit! That's Scary) joins us to to bare witness to one of the craziest shows we've ever had the pleasure to be forced to watch! It's episode 219 "The Eighth Seal" and things are gonna saucy all over your nugs... Also, we were all drinking.

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Cut The Shit: Morgan - Ghost Watch  Jason - The Riches Mike - MTV's Scream: The Series


EP6 - Manimal

April 10, 2018

Man-oh-Manimal! Guest host Tiff joins Mike and Morgan this week to talk about the legendary Bad TV classic, Manimal (Ep. 104 "Female of the Species")! This show's got it all: practical FX, people jumping through windows, a wolf-person, a bird-person, an underwater shark fight, full frontal nudity, Frankenstein's monster, a car chase, a boat chase, an indoor Zoo (inside a dude's HOUSE!), a chillingly dark means of execution, and the greatest cameo in television history (I won't spoil it here)! Plus Tiff enlightens us about Animorphs and the Wild Thornberry's, Morgan gets heated about politics, and Mike gets murdered for making too many stupid jokes! [Audio note: this episode has some clipping, despite my best efforts to fix it during recording, there will be a few pops. Hopefully this will not effect your enjoyment of the episode. If it does, blame me. - Jeremy]

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Positivity Corner: Tiff - Alison Wonderland's Awake  

Morgan -  I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

Mike - Oh Shit! That's Scary / Cat People / Kacey Musgrave's Golden Hour


EP5 - Second Chance

April 3, 2018

This episode Mike and Morgan have a song in their hearts, and they just can't stop singing. Seriously, they CAN NOT stop. Somebody stop them! They resurrect the long forgotten sitcom "Second Chance" starring a teenaged Matthew Perry. No, it's not about a teen scientist named Chance cloning himself (although that would be awesome), but it does involve heaven, time travel, and, of course, saving the family home from bank foreclosure (seriously, this is the only plot anyone could think of in the 80s). Along the way we discuss the failure of the American educational system, applause breaks, and the cultural impact of Back to the Future. We also introduce a new segment, "Can We Watch Alias Instead?," and push the limits of intellectual property laws with Mike's uncanny Sling Blade impression!

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Positivity Corner: This week Morgan reccomends Sombody Feed Phil, and Mike shouts out John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness.


EP4 - Garbage Pail Kids / Inhumanoids

March 27, 2018

Save the childhood trauma for your mama! This week we subjected ourselves to some Saturday morning nightmare fuel in the form of two 80s cash grab cartoon catastrophes! First up is the non-stop action of Inhumanoids, apparently based on a weird toy line from Hasbro, that has mech-suited macho men fighting terrifying Monster Gods from the Earth's core. Second, we have an animated variety show featuring everyone's favorite repulsive rugrats, The Garbage Pail Kids. Both shows were pulled due to concern from parents, but was the reaction too harsh? Find out as we exhaust ourselves with overstimulation! We've got explosions, mass destruction, kidnappings, the threat of global annihilation, killer toys, and the horrors of tooth decay... You know, for kids.

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EP3 - Moonlight

March 21, 2018

Mike and Morgan take a bite out of the short-lived 2007 CBS vampire detective show that is definitely not Angel, and also definitely not a Best Picture Oscar winner, Moonlight. Is it the lost classic that its cult following insists, or a steaming garbage pile as the critics suggested. One thing's for sure, if you're interested in a show about a vampire detective in Los Angeles that helps innocents to ease the guilt he feels from his murderous nature, that has a thing for blond girls too young for him, that drives a black convertible, and wears a black duster while brooding on rooftops... you should really just watch Angel. Featuring a secret bonus guest! Please subscribe and review on iTunes. Like us on Facebook! @BadReceptionPod on Twitter and Instagram.


EP2 - Ghost Whisperer

March 12, 2018

Shhh... things get a little spooky (and hushed) as we take on the critically hated, but audience beloved, Ghost Whisperer, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. We cover it all: ghost crimes, ghost dogs, ghost dads, ghost grammar, and try to figure out why everyone is whispering! Also we drop some Charmed Season 3 spoilers, discuss inter-corporeal relationships, and guest star Josh (Box Office Records / @JershBlergee) teaches us a lesson in the manners of talking while taking out the trash.



EP1 - The Trouble With Larry

March 2, 2018

We kick off our own Pilot with a doozy of a snoozer, the 1993 Bronson Pinchot vehicle "The Trouble With Larry." Just what kind of trouble has ol' Balki got himself into? Join us as we attempt to figure it out. The results are sure to be... troubling? With guest host Josh (Box Office Records podcast)!